Redirect URL to Post

Redirect URL to Post, Version 0.6: Filter by Relative Dates

The latest version of the Redirect to URL plugin adds two new query parameters, namely date_query_before and date_query_after. Both let you narrow down the scope of considered posts by setting a lower and/or an upper time limit.

These parameters accept all values that can be understood by strtotime(), including relative formats, like “last monday” or “1 year ago”. Now you can choose a random post from the past month, or you show the post with the highest comment count that was published before one year ago.

Please be aware that

  1. you may have to write spaces as “%20”; and
  2. any caching plugin might force a certain set of parameters to redirect always to the same post. In that case simply exclude the query string “redirect_to” from the queries that will be cached.

Check out the description of the syntax for more information. If you like the plugin, please give it a 5-star rating!