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Redirect URL to Post, Versions 0.20.0 and 0.21.0: New Parameters

These two releases of the Redirect URL to Post WordPress plugin that takes your visitors directly to any random or other post adds some new filter parameters:

author__in, author__not_in, category__and, category__in, category__not_in, post__in, post__not_in, post_name__in, post_parent, post_parent__in, post_parent__not_in, tag__and, tag__in, tag__not_in, tag_slug__and, tag_slug__in

You will find them useful to narrow down the group of posts that should serve as basic set that we should pick the final destination from. Where ever you need to submit an array (see link below), you write the values as comma-separated list: tag__in=12,13,43

The parameter post_type is not new but now it understands also multiple post types, which you submit as comma-separated values: post_type=post,product.

Since these parameters work through the basic WordPress API, you find more information in the WordPress documentation.

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