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Tag Groups Version 1.26.0: Default Groups And More

Version 1.26.0 of Tag Groups is now out, bringing new features, bug fixes and further improvements: default groups, preset tags and much more

Version 1.26.0 of Tag Groups is now out, bringing new features, bug fixes and further improvements.

New Premium Features

The premium version comes with three exciting new features, two of which are based on customer requests.

Default Groups

Until now, when creating a new tag, you could either assign this tag directly to one or more[1. premium only] tag groups or leave it unassigned. Many site admins restricted the permissions for authors so that they would not change the order of tags and groups.

This version adds the possibility to define default groups that will be used for all new tags. When your authors add a tag it will be automatically assigned to these default groups.

Tags receive these default groups only if:

  • they are new;
  • they are created without any groups: On the post edit screen you enter them in the default tag field or in the “not assigned” tag field. On the Tags page, the default groups are preselected.

Default groups will also be effective for users who actually don’t have the permission to assign tags to groups.

Naturally, when you want to create a tag that is not assigned to any group, you now need to go one more step and remove the groups manually.

Default groups cannot be applied retroactively. For that purpose you can use bulk assignment of groups on the Tags page.

You find the new settings on the Back End page.

Dynamic Post Filter With Toggles: Reset Button

Now you can add a reset button to the Dynamic Post Filter With Toggles that lets you deactivate all tag toggles and reload the list of posts.


Dynamic Post Filter With Toggles: Preset Tags

This version lets you also preset tags for visitors arriving at that page. The preselection is only effective when you first arrive at that page and you are then able to change the filter and turn off the preselected tags.

There are two ways how to preset these initial tags: in the shortcode and via a URL parameter. In both cases you use the tag slugs, which you find for each tag on the tags page. Multiple tags can be added in a comma-separated list.

a) In the shortcode for the menu part:

[tag_groups_dpf_toggle_menu preset_tags="tag-slug-1,tag-slug-2"]

b) By URL-Parameter, added to the URL of the page where you show the Dynamic Post Filter With Toggles:


If both the shortcode parameter and the URL parameter are set, we will use only the latter one.

Please note that the preset tags are only effective when someone visits the page the first time. When later returning to this page, some browsers keep the previous selection of toggles.

In the case that you also use the persistent filter (which is by default on – disable it with persistent_filter=0), the saved filter also takes priority over the preset tags. This means that visitors who made a selection and click on a post will see their own selection when returning, rather than the preset tags. While you are testing your page, it might therefore help to temporarily disable the persistent filter.

If you preset a tag, it will be activated for all groups. It is not possible to turn on the toggle only in one group and keep the same tag off in another group.

Free And Premium Version: Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

Find the details in the changelogs of the free and the premium version.

Photo by Christoph Amthor