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Tag Groups Free - Tag Groups Premium

Tag Groups (Premium), Version 1.19.3

The latest release of the free Tag Groups and the Tag Groups Premium WordPress plugins bring you a minor bug fix and several enhancements. I updated several Gutenberg blocks to offer more options that are available in the corresponding shortcode. The Shuffle Box understands now the parameters tags_post_id and groups_post_id that you know from other …

Dynamic Post Filter With Toggles, dark theme
Tag Groups Free - Tag Groups Premium

Tag Groups Premium, Version 1.19.0: New Live Post Filter And More

Version 1.19.0 of Tag Groups Premium is out. I am glad that this release comes again with many exciting new features, some of which are requests from users. New: Dynamic Post Filter With Toggles You probably know the Dynamic Post Filter: Visitors enter tags into a search field and a list shows live all matching …

Announcements - Tag Groups Free - Tag Groups Premium

Moving Sales to Freemius

It’s now been almost 1.5 years since I launched the WordPress plugin Tag Groups Premium. From the very beginning I was overwhelmed by the positive reception that every new feature has seen. During the past months, while the plugin and its outreach were growing, I increasingly realized that I had to make several adjustments so …

Tag Groups Free - Tag Groups Premium

Tag Groups, Version 0.43: Better Group Administration

The latest update of the free Tag Groups WordPress plugin comes with bug fixes, minor improvements in the Tag Group administration and a new feature: Sort all groups alphabetically with the click of a button! Install the update through your WordPress dashboard or download it from the WordPress repository. This change will also be included …

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Tag Groups Premium

Tag Groups Premium, Version 1.18.0: List Your Posts by Groups

I have just released the latest version of Tag Groups Premium. This new release comes with many bug fixes and improvements under the hood. There are also two new features: Insert a list of posts that match selected tag groups. Use the shortcode Tag Groups, Version 1.25.0: Delta Theme And New ButtonPosted on February 13, …

Tag Groups Premium

Tag Groups Premium, Version 1.17.5: Show Your Tags Grouped by First Letter

This version of Tag Groups Premium is actually just a point release, since it doesn’t bring a new feature in its own code. Nevertheless, it deserves its own blog post because the bundled free plugin contains a new feature that it therefore shares with the premium plugin. This new feature is the Alphabetical Tag Cloud. …

Green Heron in Flight
Tag Groups Premium

Tag Groups Premium, Version 1.17.0: New Shortcode Parameters

The latest release of Tag Groups Premium comes with new shortcode parameters and the corresponding settings in the Gutenberg blocks. Dynamic Post Filter: Total Number of Posts The dynamic post filter is now able to show a line above the posts, provided that any post was found. This feature can be turned on with display_amount=1 …

Tag Groups Premium - WPML Compatibility
Tag Groups Premium

Tag Groups Premium, Version 1.16: WPML Compatibility

We are happy to announce that Tag Groups Premium is now officially compatible with the WordPress Multilingual Plugin (WPML). With the assistance of the WPML team we were able to add a handy new feature: Now you can translate group names. Simply select a language and edit the names.  Please find more information about how to …

Using Tags and Groups as clickable WooCommerce Attributes
Tag Groups Premium

Tag Groups Premium, Version 1.15: Display Tag Groups With WooCommerce Attributes

If you use the popular eCommerce plugin WooCommerce, you are probably familiar with the standard template where each product can reveal some further details under the “Additional Information” tab. This additional information can be “Weight” or “Dimensions”, or any custom attribute that you created on the back end. Now you can also display ordinary product …

steam engine wheel (author Christoph Amthor)
Tag Groups Premium

Tag Groups Premium, Version 1.14: Filter Posts by Group and Responsive Table

The latest release of Tag Groups Premium offers some usability enhancements and bug fixes. Most of all, you can use a shortcode to add a tag group menu to filter you posts and the table tag cloud adjusts on smaller screens.

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